The Anomalies: Jabami Yumenko


Hello and today I’m starting a new series called “The anomalies” where I basically analyse diverse characters that are out of the ordinary in the category their based like… Hikigaya Hachiman from SNAFU in the school romance genre.


Anime: Kakegurui

Genre: Game, psychological

Duration: 2 seasons, 18 eps(ongoing)

Role: Heroine




The way Yumeko is first portrayed in the first gamble she participates in already introduces who she is to the audience and why she’s the main character as she’s a demon dressed in white since when she’s outside of gambling we see her as innocent and pure but once she gets deep into a gamble she transforms into almost an unreadable manipulative sadist but, one that we can easily love as what she brings to the gaming genre is fresh; in my opinion at least since I’ve never seen a character quite like her.

I think I’d also class her into the gamechanger category basically meaning characters that mess with the school system like Ayanokouji in classroom of the elite. I think this is due to how she constantly breaks her opponents psychologically exposing their faults and methods to gambling which is basically “stop cheating” or like exposing their belief of how gambling should work. You could even say she’s a fascist since she constantly reinstates her belief of the essence of gambling pushing this onto others whether that’s her intention or not followed with the insane over the top faces she pulls.


Yumeko is well known as a compulsive gambler as she doesn’t have the typical intentions a gamble offers like most people would gamble to win money or a prize but what makes Yumeko unique is her goal to purely enjoy the risks of gambling as she gets off from the danger  a gamble holds which is what makes her hard to read as she gambles purely for the pleasure with no other ulterior motive (mostly) which is why she’s such a cool character, the level of obsession shown through her facial expressions and actions are abnormal no matter how crazy the stakes are separating her from just another character in  an anime.

Regarding her purpose in the anime/ her goal assigned by the storyline is from our perspective as an audience, is to reconstruct the gambling system of the school as she faces each of the student council members one by one gradually approaching her goal which is to gamble with the president Kirari who she acknowledges as an opponent with the same belief and view of gambling like she does.

2019-02-20 (1)

She is an absolute unique character in my favourites solely due to how insane she is and how she lusts over risks because every time you see her have these “orgasms” the gamble just escalates more tension then it carries as if it were a different character with the same  gambling then they just wouldn’t  be able to escalate the scene as crazy as Yumeko makes it out to be.


TBatsubami.Rei.600.2433447he second season on the other hand provides us more insight to who Yumeko was before the academy as *SPOILER ALERT* , we get a new set of villains to go up against Jabami or rather Kirari to become president and own the academy which turns out to be multiple families related to Kirari and Yumeko as well and from Yumeko’s perspective, she seems to want to avoid her relationship with them  and kind of got me thinking that she was an outcast in the family as we see a similar character that’s treated as sort of an outcast to the families who’s name is Rei Batsubami.

As for her influence to develop character around her, she acts as a demeaning catalyst by firstly bringing people down so that she can control them to her will or rather utterly destroys them breaking down who they were and rebuilding them with her beliefs and desire which is what’s required to be her ‘friend’ as one example of this influence is the character Sumeragi who was the first member of the student council she faced.
2019-02-20 (3)

2019-02-20 (2)

Whilst her influence to characters at first is portrayed as bad were followed with another scene that justifies this into a good thing altering our perspective of what we first thought to the opposite which just reinforces how unpredictable Yumeko is as a character.

other then that I hoped you enjoyed this blog, thank you for reading it till the end (or not) and although it’s hard to kind off talk about character development in Kakegurui since there’s no before or after comparison of Yumeko as she stays the same, I still enjoyed writing this and I’m thinking of making my next one based on… yh, still don’t know but I’ll think of one eventually. Bye!




Lies revealed😯😲 – The Rising of the Shield Hero


Ending January on a note with my thoughts on the latest episode of the Shield Hero in short, I thought it was straight up amazing as it answered most of the mysteries surrounding it ever since the first episode like who that woman was, why she betrayed Naofumi like she did, whether or not the other three heroes were corrupted/bad and some explanation to the imagery shown in the title sequence.

part of the intro of the anime leading to my point of “the cursed series”

Regarding one of my most wanted question, what’s with that monster/rage mode of Naofumi? Ever since the first episode premiered I was already hype about it because of this form Naofumi displayed during a battle with what seems to be a high level boss from the “wave of catastrophe” looked op and caused me to question whether this was him overusing the powers of the shield causing him to self destruct or perhaps exceeding his limits entering the levels where he could potentially turn against the people he’s protecting. But now at least I’ve gotten some insight to what this form of Naofumi is which is referred to as the “Curse Series” which was unlocked after Naofumi started to really despise the people, the royalty and the heroes themselves implying they were all out to destroy him.

Now when it showed that the requirements was met this indicated that one of the  requirements involved was the intent to use your own powers  in an injustice way like using it for the sake of revenge or violence from pure hatred since the main motto of a hero is to resolve all violence and malicious intents giving justice to this.

As for the actual fight between Naofumi and the Spear hero, the duel was pretty standard with Naofumi actually displaying some actual skills with the combinations of his different shields as well as acting out his so- called role of the scum of the four heroes boldly using the pumpkins he had bitten on him underneath the cloak, it was all going well except for just when Naofumi was winning he was once again cheated on by the pink haired girl who betrayed him in the start. This again repeated back to how it was her fault Naofumi was dejected in the first place.


Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 20.57.46

The second time around we find out that she’s actually the daughter of the king explaining why she did what she did it a free manner and all  my other questions as to why the king acted like he did when he first banished him; he didn’t technically since he can still roam the kingdom, just hated by everyone in return.

It was a relief to know that the people themselves were tricked into this as well and were aware of the cheat as the archery hero explains how one look at the royalty’s eyes will shut everyone else. It was even more of a relief that the heroes themselves turned out to be good guys after all since they didn’t shut up like everyone else did and weren’t corrupted or bad like I initially thought, just heroes who were tricked. Except the spear hero, acts and looks like a play boy gunning for all the women’s attention and also the idiot type but nevertheless is a good hero.

The overall impression I felt of the episode  left me to see themes like Social Rankings since in the world the anime presents starts from the king, the heroes, the knights/soldiers, human civilians and lastly demi- humans from highest to lowest showing the different state of power and privileges each one has and how this can be wrongly used. I feel that after this Naofumi and the heroes will fix their relationship as well as with the civilians except the king and the princess who will feel hatred towards the heroes for embarrassing him and his daughter.

With that under the wrap I’m enjoying it so far especially that scene when Raphtalia saved naofumi from raging which kind of reminded me the scene when Rem confessed to Subaru in Re:zero because of the imagery as well as the dialogue.


Animes of The 4 Seasons

In this blog I kind of go through a rundown of what anime I lived through during each season of 2018 and this is basically a blog that expresses what 2018 was like each season for one anime in each so without further to do enjoy my picks:


1. Himouto, Umaru-Chan! (Winter)

Round this time I was nearing the end of my course at college as a first year and for the majority it was a dream come true as I lazed around soo much playing mmorg games like Valkryie connect and other games all day from home and college since it didn’t affect how I worked/studied and I managed to pass all the units so far with a bit of resub so I was in a stereotypical manner, a work ant and a try hard like a typical Asian😂. I even had the dyed grown hair to the point I could fit the look of a man with a bun (males who tie their hair in a knot), other similarities I had would I guess be linear with the diet Umaru chan like crisps, coke, a monster and heavy food like pork for breakfast which was probably the reason in my sudden weight gain after that phase/season. 


Other issues that rouse from this was my health and looks as I had tons of pimples in my face, bags under my eyes so vivid you’d think someone just drew them on me whilst sleeping and most of all, I reeked as if I just jumped into a land of garbage and didn’t change clothes. Besides the after effects I still thought winter was when I was at the peak of my youth and the most enjoyable one as well. Heck I even had my first ear piercing which I thought would hurt more but was wrong and it looked sick.


2. Kimi no na wa  (Spring)

I know I know, very typical anime to choose🙌(Gomen nasai). But I’m not gonna lie that a lot of animes played a part for this season in my life but this anime I would say had the most influence as it’s not about romance or a phenomenon that I related to obviously but the daily lives of Taki and Mitsuha as normal students like how Taki looked and felt during work with such  a realistic approach paired with the soundtrack was beautiful and where a lot of viewers sharing a similar work area could relate to and which is one of the factors that helped me get through work since I accepted at that point that I was becoming an adult and at some point I would have to rely on myself to provide a living for myself as I wouldn’t always be in the same house of my parents for long and that I wouldn’t receive money from them to provide me at college and that I’d have to live independently no matter the future as growing up will always have you leave your parents to in a polite perspective, find who you are in this world and where you want to end up in and what future you want to work towards for.

That’s why I was so eager to work as much as I could, so I could be less of a burden to my parents and actually help them financially by sending money to them and occasionally visiting them so they don’t feel lonely as well as for me so I don’t feel the same cuz deep down I’m still a baby that wants to be with their parents and have some family time so that when it all comes to an end I can have the courage to say and feel that i tried my best and this is the result of that which in a way could release any regret I have of the past and let go of the what ifs. Because from my perspective now, Kimi no a wa was appraised and respected not on the romance based around it or the animation which was I loved it and why I thought it was at the level it was because of those but having a second look at it showed me was because it was inspirational and a self help anime that portrayed a realistic life of teens working to their ideal future like how Taki studied to become an architect and 6/8 years after the autumn festival, he’s progressed so much to that dream as he’s at the age where he’s entering interviews and introducing proposals to actual bussiness men that can help him further pursue his future.


3. Grand Blue(Summer)

Very typical it may seem and you’d think that Himouto Umaru chan should be in this season too but that is not the case…mostly? One reason being is that I did not 100% laze round as I did work during this period and two is because alcohol with friends, I only became a momentary alcoholic during this period because since I’m an idiot I decided to try the “oolong tea” of Grand blue. Summer was a pretty great time for me as like Grand Blue I had the time of my life being social with friends and brothers who came from a university break.


That short span of 2018 was really fun but after that a long period of grieve arrived as the saying goes “everything must have balance” so the amount of happiness I felt during that half of Summer had the equal amount of negativity when I found out I had to switch college because I wasn’t officially accepted in the course I interviewed to and with that a nest of problems decided to hatch creating a swarm of ********. Now how does this still relate to Grand Blue? Near the end of Grand Blue Iota realises that he’s the only one a the verge of not getting his official diving license that prove she works in that expertise whilst everyone else was behaving the same as him but weren’t in danger like he was in now, the only difference was he handled his sudden downfall great asking help and had supportive people around to help him whilst my side had worried and dissapointed parents and a more extremely angry brother which I understood as to why and that it was my fault to begin with since I was the ignorant one but then again my parents were always like that deep down anyway. Having people judge the minimum effort you put into studying is painful when it’s family even if that wasn’t the case and you knew how much effort you put in.

4. Violet Evergarden (Autumn/Winter p2)

Lastly, the reason this anime took the place was mainly because after the incident of the whole college and the aftermath which you could say is this as like in Violet’t perspective she wasn’t aware of her mistakes until it was already to late in which she goes through a journey for healing and atonement as in her case she goes through faithful encounters with random people who hit rock bottom in which she helps them to atone for that doing the opposite of when she was used to kill people, here she’s saving them herself instead which is connected to her sins of how she took lives. Similar to the sequence of playing instead of working to a sequence of working instead of playing. Kind of still the same on what I’m currently doing now but with the same conclusion Violet Evergarden’s season finale had were she received closure of her loss and her sins.


And as always thank you for clicking and giving a read of my blog, till next time!👋👋👋

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Dark Anime Review: Another

This is the second part of this series I created so if you haven’t go check out my first one which was on Magical Girl Site, for this part I’ll be focusing on Another which is probably my all time favourite horror anime. without further pluggins here’s my review:



A transfer student named Sakakibara is sent to hospital on the ceremony day for new students in which a group of students inspect him upon his awakening with an unclear intent as to why. From then on Sakakibara slowly unravels the ‘curse’ of his school and class specifically which is the “closest to death” once he meets Misaki Mei.

The anime follows with a range of mysteries and deaths whilst both Sakakibara, Misaki and his friends pursue a way out of the curse as well as a cure for it.


The characters that the anime focused on were entertaining with a good pace in development as well as getting to watch each of them draw more intimate with each other but, I felt as though it didn’t give enough attention to other classmates as when it came to the death scenes I sometimes wondered “who was that again?” as sure the graphics and process of the deaths were A+ but wish I could at east get to know the character before they die as it builds up more to a devastating result since I’d have that knowledge of who that person was as well as what they left behind.

Besides that I loved seeing Misaki in certain situations where I was unsure if she would break character/ break out of her kuudere state  (emotionless – like state) like that time they were at a beach looking for ingredients in which she caught a squid wrapping on her hand showing such a cute/ scared reaction which I didn’t expect at the time.

With these few moments as well as the events I watched as Misaki slowly grew up from being an outcast that didn’t care much for her class giving off an emotionless aura to socialising with other characters, giving signs of emotions whether it be fear, happiness, comedy or anger and standing up for her classmates either by taking matters into her own hands by solving the problem on her own (when she’s just about to stop the curse) or apologising to the class just to make things better showing how she actually cares for her classmates. *SPOILERS* like when Misaki tells Sakakibara to turn back as she kills his sister showing a consideration of his feelings.

As for Sakakibara, I couldn’t go much for him at the beginning as he didn’t have any particular traits worth noting down until I came to the realisation that his average and realistic approach to the series of events that occur are… praiseworthy as compared to other main characters in a real life horror who do dumb shit, Sakakibara looks great.

Besides the comparison, his development as well as revealings his past build him up as a character and it started connecting dots in the plot like who the extra person was that restarted the curse ( Reiko Mikami ) who was his nephew

Other characters I liked include Naoya Teshigawara paired with Tomohiko Kazami who are these two best friends with Naoya being the funny hyperactive guy and Tomohiko being the nerd (kinda reminds me of Kaneki ken’s relationship with Hide which is mostly why I like them), another character who I didn’t get the chance to see more of was umbrella girl (Yukari Sakuragi) who I thought was a charming innocent student that would have had a bigger part if she didn’t die as I felt instantly connected to her characteristics but I think that’s why she as killed off early to set the tone for the anime as… it honestly hit me hard the way she died.


Key events 

I think the most important event that occurred was when Sakakibara, Mei, Izumi and others used their own time to investigate on the origins of the curse like when they found the mixtape hidden in an abandoned classroom that contained the events that happened just before it built up to the resolution of the curse in the past.

other events that didn’t seem as important in moving forward to the plot but nevertheless interesting was when Sakakibara stalked Mei back to the doll store as I have a weird liking to weird stores in isolated areas and surprisingly enough, I now love dolls because of it and actually wanna buy one even though it’s near Christmas and way past Halloween. I also enjoyed the reveal of the eye patch on Misaki as I wondered if she as a survivor to the curse but lost her eye or that it was sliced and blinded but… turns out their just two different colours but the covered one is basically a death sensor which is pretty cool to have in the anime as it’s not to childish/OP and doesn’t give much of a plot armour for her unlike other animes *cough* *cough* Kirito and Natsu — I do wanna mention others but I don’t wanna bore you too much so let’s wrap this up with my overall conclusion.

The anime broken down into characters is a 7/10 just because it killed off some of my favourites a bit early that could have at least had more screen time, regarding the plot/synopsis I’d give it a 10/10 as it seemed original to me not being to ambiguous or to plain sounding and because it didn’t seem too supernatural like having the anime showcase a bunch of monsters to stir up the violence and was executed nicely. Regarding the graphic and creativeness of the  deaths themselves I would give it a 9.5/10 as the death I found to be just lazy writing was the guy who swam into the ocean to retrieve the beach ball only to be minced by the boat propeller coming by out of nowhere. All the others were great though; especially  the Umbrella one .

Thanks for reading and maybe… just maybe comment below your opinions of what you think about the anime as well as maybe contradict what I said since I kinda based most of these from my memory and as always, I look forward to you support in my next and previous blogs. Bye👋

I wanna go camping – Yuru Camp

Hello again you wonderful people wherever you might be, today I’m reviewing an underrated slice of life; which you can tell from the title. Yuru Camp! I’ve been meaning to wait  particular time to talk about this anime and why not a better time whilst it’s winter and almost Christmas? Without further to do, here is my breakdown as well as review (Enjoy😄):



It doesn’t really have a plot Yuru camp revolves around a lone camper named Shima Rin who is the type of person that enjoys her free time rather than socialise with other people, at one time in her camping in the coast showing mount Fuji she bumps into this sleeping girl by the toilets called Nadeshiko Kamagihara who appears lost without a cellphone or knowledge of her family’s  contacts causing her to camp with Rin for the mean time.

During the wait of Nadeshiko figuring out a way home she experiences the fun of camping whilst with Rin making her develop a hobby for camping, and from then on Nadeshiko continues to pursue camping in the outdoor club at her school with new characters with the main but subtle objective being is to enjoy camping and somewhat convince Rin to join the ride.

My Thoughts

From what I can remember I started this “slice of life streak” where I just watched a whole lot of slice of life animes ever since I gave Blend S a try for reasons I’ve forgotten😑 as I loved the feeling of relaxation and just being “Laid Back🤭” 

Both of those feelings were sooo present in every moment I watched this anime including the opening & ending songs as what I found remarkable was how the anime could just exploit every single event/ opportunity occurring to make it extremely comfortable to watch as well as entertaining  like *Major Spoiler* when Nadeshiko forms this Secret Blanket Society which I loved so much😂


Another aspect that just soothes me is how the narrator walks you through what’s happening and actually provides as an educational guide from how to set up your tent and items, how to start a camp fire, how to cook certain meals etc. and in my case it was really rare to watch an anime that was actually presented in an educational way as slice of life animes I watched previously were pure entertainment.

As for the characters, I love all of them but wish there were more episodes that could display each of the character’s daily lives outside the club like seeing Nadeshiko interact with her family more as I really enjoyed how the creators introduced Nadeshiko’s parents through a skit of Oogaki cooking food for Nadeshiko whilst she had a cold which eventually resulted in each family member entering creating a fun scenario.

(Later found out that a season 2 and a movie is coming out apparently)

As for the animation itself, the scenery is absolutely stunning with the best soundtracks to match it which plays heavily for that relaxation feeling you’ll get from each episode. almost every part of the animation made is great like the choice of lighting, saturation and overall content if the scenery as it also gives you that winter vibe.

Also highly recommend the soundtracks themselves as they are great without the animation itself like this Song which I would only recommend to listen to when it’s night because it just has that “calming and sleeping” vibe to it even without watching the anime as I only discovered it when I put my music anime app on auto-play which would soon play that song.

(One way I find new anime is using that music app cuz why not, managed to watch Fuuka thanks to it which is an amazing anime despite the manga being better apparently)

overall I enjoyed it as it definitely ranks high in my favourite animes of slice of life, I would only recommend this people who don’t seek much of a plot and purely watch it for some relaxation as that’s what it essentially did for me. (I seriously plan on camping this season though for a day as well as use the educational guides of the anime)

rating: 9/10                     Episodes: 13 episodes           Genre: Seinen, comedy, slice of life



Love Goes, Hate Arrives: Accel World

Hi! I kinda based this title from the tagline of Fouseytube’s concert just cuz it popped up, for this series I created I’ll be covering animes that I thought had a lot of potential but failed to use it or just rant of how bad the anime is.

Now despite being a copycat of Sword Arts Online, I had high hopes for it because in the early stages of the anime the characters had a good buildup as well as satisfying events that still correlated with the main plot of the anime.

Another thing it had going was a somewhat new approach to the a romance category as in my experience, I haven’t heard of an anime that had such a … self- demeaning main character as his appearance can clearly be compared to a pig being liked  by such LOVELY characters that are both beauties with the best characteristics that shout out “popularity”.


I didn’t mind the appearance of the main character until he started to show this other side, what I mean by that is his cowardice. Now I know that a lot of main characters have this trait  but the difference is they could overcome that or have a limit to it. For this main character (Haru), He just can’t help but be pathetic as in moments he’s most needed he just fails to pull through as he’s an extreme and exaggerated cry baby who constantly loses faith in himself once an enemy slightly overcomes his power that he’s build up from a wide time span of the anime.

After discovering this extreme cowardice side of Haru I started seeing negative points of the anime that weren’t there before like me coming to the realisation that I hated the appearance of Haru as I couldn’t come to terms with how such beautiful girls could fall for a pig that has absolutely no dignity or anything  and  has the typical main character trait which is how dumb they can be to love.

Whilst enduring the failed character development of Haru the anime decided to push it’s luck by introducing such a wasted arc that again could have had so much potential as the villain for this arc was well designed and gave a “pure evil” aura through his actions and had a reasonable and understandable past that lead him to be the way he is now.

I actually really liked this villain a lot as he did his role really well and to be honest… Haru did absolutely nothing that really helped to find a solution for this arc as it was the other way round where instead of him saving his childhood friend as well as the main heroine, its the other way around as Chiyuri ends up saving him and have Kuro arriving to battle the stronger villain again saving Haru’s ass.


Whilst this occurs he again is useless as he watches both his friends being assaulted by Noumi to the point his best friend has both his arms cut off and Chiyuri still cooping with the pain inflicted on her as she begs Noumi to stop hurting him… and then you have Haru cowering as he usually does to the point of crying like usual which just goes to show how useless his training was as he’s just as weak both mentally and emotionally.

overall,I really did like the side events in this anime as there were so much good characters that were just ruined by Haru, it felt as if he was in the wrong anime  because of the creators had just changed Haru characteristics putting a limit to his cowardice then it would have worked out for me. I didn’t mention enough about the anime but that’s because I just hate it  and needed to finish this as soon as possible for my sake.


Thanks for reading an for those who have watched the anime, do you agree with me? I’m not trying to enforce my views onto anyone so I won’t judge if you like the anime as everyone has different views but it wold be nice to leave a comment or two whether you agree of what I said or are against it. Bye😊


Dark Anime Review: Magical Girl Site

magical girls site
“Luckily, I was already practising self – harm”


This anime explores the different problems of a high school student in difficult yet natural occurrence in their youth such as exploring the ideas of bullying, self – harm, putting up a false persona, family issues/PTSD and other controversial topics.

The main character is called Asagiri who’s a victim to physical and mental bullying at school whilst also suffering from family abuse at home as she’s repeatedly beaten up by her older brother in secret to relief stress from the expectations of his dad of him.

From a turn of events she’s invited to join this website that apparently grants magical sticks that are designed to benefit “poor unfortunate soul” such as herself and without thinking of it much she signs up being given her equipment the next day and thus her battle for survival begins as she searches the true purpose of the Magical Girls encountering others in the process.

What I like About It

Besides the controversial topics it tackles in events, I love the character profiles of each of the magical girls as each of their backgrounds are deep, dark and realistic which is what reinforces how dark the anime is.

The story line on the other hand is well structured as the anime both manages to convey the character’s past, development and unity between each member naturally whilst maintaining a nice action paced flow that’ll raise the audience’s reaction’s whether it be based on fear, worry or excitement.

I also admire how the anime can tackle these dark topics very professional as it doesn’t overuse these nor does it exaggerate the effect of these e.g. self harming, bullying etc… which is why it’s as great as it is as it carefully assesses the audience to avoid any major ethical issues as the topics the anime tackles is dangerous to work with even if it’s just slightly misused for the sheer popularity increase.

Overall reading the comments on it are averagely positive which is the same for me and I hope for a second season since I wasn’t satisfied with just one season. I recommend this for fans who want something similar to black rock shooter and a mix of Madoka Magi Magica.

Episodes: 12 (1 season)    My rating:7/10     Genre:Psychological, Horror, Drama