Hello Again, Favourite Romance Anime

I recently had to delete an other word press website of mine(😭) because it was attached to my professional account which if visitors of my original saw how unprofessional I was linking a website about animes to my work portfolio then… it would cause some problems.

Anyways, since this website is all about anime I thought a nice topic to start of with is discussing my favourite romance anime (e.g. the majority of my favourite animes are romance) which will probably be Ore monogatari.

Ore monogatari


Anime revolves around a gorilla looking High school student called Takeo who falls in love with another High school girl from another school called Rinko Yamato who he saved from a groper in a train, after this faith starts to create connections between them drawing them closer and closer however, since most his childhood contained him falling for girls that loved his best friend Suna. This caused him to believe that Yamato is only staying in touch  until * SPOILERS* ,Takeo finds out that Yamato loved him all along and from then on they experience all the obstacles and sweet rewards of a couple such as holding hands/ intimacy as well as rivalry for Yamato.

Why I love it

Anther info bout me is that I love how animes reflect on realism which basically means how much it reflects on my or your own life personally, i’m one to know but I’m an ugly person so seeing how Takeo experiences this really had a positive influence on me as well as just watch it for the feels… overall, I adore the characters and the whole content of the anime that just made me feel happy. Sorry if this was… cringy? I thought I might as well  convey what I like about animes (reflection on real life) as well as why I liked or picked this favourite romance anime as my favourite.


Anyways, thanks for reading and hope to receive support on me starting this account. Any contribution helps like views, comments, likes, following and even suggestions as t how to improve my site as well as hate comments conveying why they didn’t like what I discussed.😊


Until next time, here’s a waifu picture to end this post – P.S I absolutely adore her



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