Goblin Slayer Review/Rant so far…

After watching the latest episode of Goblin Slayer I found it absolutely terrifying and shocking when they set off a trap in the goblin’s nest to the point that Goblin Slayer San was brutally injured by the goblin champion after one massive blow, the priestess getting chewed out by the champion and oh my fucking god… when those goblins started ganging up on the elf archer about to **** her like… I was fucking traumatised since I thought they would show it like they did with the first episode, now it may sound like I hate the anime but  that isn’t the case because, I absolutely love Goblin Slayer and what I’m trying to say is I love the psychological horror feeling I get from it maybe because I’m that kinda horror fan or I’ just a sadistic person.


I found this anime from Joe’s (Anime man) video of the anime’s he’ll be watching for the fall of 2018 and after watching the interview he did with the creator I started to watch it.

Watching the anime progress from the first episode was entertaining for me as it conveyed me some insight into the Goblin Slayer’s daily life as well as past which I was kinda confused by since I personally wanted to know about the night the goblins invaded his village (judging from his dreams/flashback) or rather what happened after that like how he progressed to where he is now from a child full of hatred to the slayer he is now, whilst he was on the verge of dying in episode 7 I had a few questions with what he was seeing and hearing like that goblin he saw at the end of the tunnel and who was talking to him in his mind in his head like is it him or someone else and of that goblin in his mind is someone important (the goblin leader that killed his family?).

Other aspects of the anime I enjoyed was that first fight he had with that ogre? that was controlling the goblins in his first adventure with the elf archer, dwarf and lizard priest. I just love the fact that Goblin Slayer can be so composed and think of  solutions after recognising his own failure like how he first approached the Ogre like he does with a goblin resulting in him being launched to a pillar after one hit and the him using the teleportation scroll to slice the ogre with running water from an ocean with a logical explanation as to how it sliced him if audiences are quick to criticise. This was the same with the  goblin champion  where he used the hair of a corpse to strangle the goblin from the back to gauging the goblin’s eye out.

I loved Episode 7 despite some comments on it saying how the director is really bad and dissapointed by the fact that Goblin Slayer didn’t get a major power up in that episode whilst on the verge of a disaster but that’s the beauty of Goblin Slayer, for once we aren’t introduced with an already Over powered main character or isn’t overly protected by “plot armour” as we actually see him struggle and grow as a character like… he doesn’t get special treatment by the events like how he doesn’t overwhelmingly defeat a strong opponent after suffering a moment of defeat or how doesn’t stand out more than he should be which has already been established before the anime aired. The title “Goblin Slayer” already shows that he only slays goblins which in the social ranking of the setting in the anime is ranked as the lowest threat of the demon king’s army.

Overall I like the psychological horror to it despite not being categorised that, the development of Goblin Slayer San as well as how he doesn’t get special treatment and how the creator has just presented him as a main character without any special super powers or isn’t destined to kill the demon king, I just love how the synopsis of the anime is simple and not overly cliche or ambitious. Like a slice of life synopsis for some reason.

This was just my own opinion, I’m not enforcing this onto other people so I hope you didn’t take it too personal. Thanks for reading my first rant and bye👋




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