Dark Anime Review: Magical Girl Site

magical girls site
“Luckily, I was already practising self – harm”


This anime explores the different problems of a high school student in difficult yet natural occurrence in their youth such as exploring the ideas of bullying, self – harm, putting up a false persona, family issues/PTSD and other controversial topics.

The main character is called Asagiri who’s a victim to physical and mental bullying at school whilst also suffering from family abuse at home as she’s repeatedly beaten up by her older brother in secret to relief stress from the expectations of his dad of him.

From a turn of events she’s invited to join this website that apparently grants magical sticks that are designed to benefit “poor unfortunate soul” such as herself and without thinking of it much she signs up being given her equipment the next day and thus her battle for survival begins as she searches the true purpose of the Magical Girls encountering others in the process.

What I like About It

Besides the controversial topics it tackles in events, I love the character profiles of each of the magical girls as each of their backgrounds are deep, dark and realistic which is what reinforces how dark the anime is.

The story line on the other hand is well structured as the anime both manages to convey the character’s past, development and unity between each member naturally whilst maintaining a nice action paced flow that’ll raise the audience’s reaction’s whether it be based on fear, worry or excitement.

I also admire how the anime can tackle these dark topics very professional as it doesn’t overuse these nor does it exaggerate the effect of these e.g. self harming, bullying etc… which is why it’s as great as it is as it carefully assesses the audience to avoid any major ethical issues as the topics the anime tackles is dangerous to work with even if it’s just slightly misused for the sheer popularity increase.

Overall reading the comments on it are averagely positive which is the same for me and I hope for a second season since I wasn’t satisfied with just one season. I recommend this for fans who want something similar to black rock shooter and a mix of Madoka Magi Magica.

Episodes: 12 (1 season)    My rating:7/10     Genre:Psychological, Horror, Drama






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