I wanna go camping – Yuru Camp

Hello again you wonderful people wherever you might be, today I’m reviewing an underrated slice of life; which you can tell from the title. Yuru Camp! I’ve been meaning to wait  particular time to talk about this anime and why not a better time whilst it’s winter and almost Christmas? Without further to do, here is my breakdown as well as review (Enjoy😄):



It doesn’t really have a plot Yuru camp revolves around a lone camper named Shima Rin who is the type of person that enjoys her free time rather than socialise with other people, at one time in her camping in the coast showing mount Fuji she bumps into this sleeping girl by the toilets called Nadeshiko Kamagihara who appears lost without a cellphone or knowledge of her family’s  contacts causing her to camp with Rin for the mean time.

During the wait of Nadeshiko figuring out a way home she experiences the fun of camping whilst with Rin making her develop a hobby for camping, and from then on Nadeshiko continues to pursue camping in the outdoor club at her school with new characters with the main but subtle objective being is to enjoy camping and somewhat convince Rin to join the ride.

My Thoughts

From what I can remember I started this “slice of life streak” where I just watched a whole lot of slice of life animes ever since I gave Blend S a try for reasons I’ve forgotten😑 as I loved the feeling of relaxation and just being “Laid Back🤭” 

Both of those feelings were sooo present in every moment I watched this anime including the opening & ending songs as what I found remarkable was how the anime could just exploit every single event/ opportunity occurring to make it extremely comfortable to watch as well as entertaining  like *Major Spoiler* when Nadeshiko forms this Secret Blanket Society which I loved so much😂


Another aspect that just soothes me is how the narrator walks you through what’s happening and actually provides as an educational guide from how to set up your tent and items, how to start a camp fire, how to cook certain meals etc. and in my case it was really rare to watch an anime that was actually presented in an educational way as slice of life animes I watched previously were pure entertainment.

As for the characters, I love all of them but wish there were more episodes that could display each of the character’s daily lives outside the club like seeing Nadeshiko interact with her family more as I really enjoyed how the creators introduced Nadeshiko’s parents through a skit of Oogaki cooking food for Nadeshiko whilst she had a cold which eventually resulted in each family member entering creating a fun scenario.

(Later found out that a season 2 and a movie is coming out apparently)

As for the animation itself, the scenery is absolutely stunning with the best soundtracks to match it which plays heavily for that relaxation feeling you’ll get from each episode. almost every part of the animation made is great like the choice of lighting, saturation and overall content if the scenery as it also gives you that winter vibe.

Also highly recommend the soundtracks themselves as they are great without the animation itself like this Song which I would only recommend to listen to when it’s night because it just has that “calming and sleeping” vibe to it even without watching the anime as I only discovered it when I put my music anime app on auto-play which would soon play that song.

(One way I find new anime is using that music app cuz why not, managed to watch Fuuka thanks to it which is an amazing anime despite the manga being better apparently)

overall I enjoyed it as it definitely ranks high in my favourite animes of slice of life, I would only recommend this people who don’t seek much of a plot and purely watch it for some relaxation as that’s what it essentially did for me. (I seriously plan on camping this season though for a day as well as use the educational guides of the anime)

rating: 9/10                     Episodes: 13 episodes           Genre: Seinen, comedy, slice of life




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