Animes of The 4 Seasons

In this blog I kind of go through a rundown of what anime I lived through during each season of 2018 and this is basically a blog that expresses what 2018 was like each season for one anime in each so without further to do enjoy my picks:


1. Himouto, Umaru-Chan! (Winter)

Round this time I was nearing the end of my course at college as a first year and for the majority it was a dream come true as I lazed around soo much playing mmorg games like Valkryie connect and other games all day from home and college since it didn’t affect how I worked/studied and I managed to pass all the units so far with a bit of resub so I was in a stereotypical manner, a work ant and a try hard like a typical Asian😂. I even had the dyed grown hair to the point I could fit the look of a man with a bun (males who tie their hair in a knot), other similarities I had would I guess be linear with the diet Umaru chan like crisps, coke, a monster and heavy food like pork for breakfast which was probably the reason in my sudden weight gain after that phase/season. 


Other issues that rouse from this was my health and looks as I had tons of pimples in my face, bags under my eyes so vivid you’d think someone just drew them on me whilst sleeping and most of all, I reeked as if I just jumped into a land of garbage and didn’t change clothes. Besides the after effects I still thought winter was when I was at the peak of my youth and the most enjoyable one as well. Heck I even had my first ear piercing which I thought would hurt more but was wrong and it looked sick.


2. Kimi no na wa  (Spring)

I know I know, very typical anime to choose🙌(Gomen nasai). But I’m not gonna lie that a lot of animes played a part for this season in my life but this anime I would say had the most influence as it’s not about romance or a phenomenon that I related to obviously but the daily lives of Taki and Mitsuha as normal students like how Taki looked and felt during work with such  a realistic approach paired with the soundtrack was beautiful and where a lot of viewers sharing a similar work area could relate to and which is one of the factors that helped me get through work since I accepted at that point that I was becoming an adult and at some point I would have to rely on myself to provide a living for myself as I wouldn’t always be in the same house of my parents for long and that I wouldn’t receive money from them to provide me at college and that I’d have to live independently no matter the future as growing up will always have you leave your parents to in a polite perspective, find who you are in this world and where you want to end up in and what future you want to work towards for.

That’s why I was so eager to work as much as I could, so I could be less of a burden to my parents and actually help them financially by sending money to them and occasionally visiting them so they don’t feel lonely as well as for me so I don’t feel the same cuz deep down I’m still a baby that wants to be with their parents and have some family time so that when it all comes to an end I can have the courage to say and feel that i tried my best and this is the result of that which in a way could release any regret I have of the past and let go of the what ifs. Because from my perspective now, Kimi no a wa was appraised and respected not on the romance based around it or the animation which was I loved it and why I thought it was at the level it was because of those but having a second look at it showed me was because it was inspirational and a self help anime that portrayed a realistic life of teens working to their ideal future like how Taki studied to become an architect and 6/8 years after the autumn festival, he’s progressed so much to that dream as he’s at the age where he’s entering interviews and introducing proposals to actual bussiness men that can help him further pursue his future.


3. Grand Blue(Summer)

Very typical it may seem and you’d think that Himouto Umaru chan should be in this season too but that is not the case…mostly? One reason being is that I did not 100% laze round as I did work during this period and two is because alcohol with friends, I only became a momentary alcoholic during this period because since I’m an idiot I decided to try the “oolong tea” of Grand blue. Summer was a pretty great time for me as like Grand Blue I had the time of my life being social with friends and brothers who came from a university break.


That short span of 2018 was really fun but after that a long period of grieve arrived as the saying goes “everything must have balance” so the amount of happiness I felt during that half of Summer had the equal amount of negativity when I found out I had to switch college because I wasn’t officially accepted in the course I interviewed to and with that a nest of problems decided to hatch creating a swarm of ********. Now how does this still relate to Grand Blue? Near the end of Grand Blue Iota realises that he’s the only one a the verge of not getting his official diving license that prove she works in that expertise whilst everyone else was behaving the same as him but weren’t in danger like he was in now, the only difference was he handled his sudden downfall great asking help and had supportive people around to help him whilst my side had worried and dissapointed parents and a more extremely angry brother which I understood as to why and that it was my fault to begin with since I was the ignorant one but then again my parents were always like that deep down anyway. Having people judge the minimum effort you put into studying is painful when it’s family even if that wasn’t the case and you knew how much effort you put in.

4. Violet Evergarden (Autumn/Winter p2)

Lastly, the reason this anime took the place was mainly because after the incident of the whole college and the aftermath which you could say is this as like in Violet’t perspective she wasn’t aware of her mistakes until it was already to late in which she goes through a journey for healing and atonement as in her case she goes through faithful encounters with random people who hit rock bottom in which she helps them to atone for that doing the opposite of when she was used to kill people, here she’s saving them herself instead which is connected to her sins of how she took lives. Similar to the sequence of playing instead of working to a sequence of working instead of playing. Kind of still the same on what I’m currently doing now but with the same conclusion Violet Evergarden’s season finale had were she received closure of her loss and her sins.


And as always thank you for clicking and giving a read of my blog, till next time!👋👋👋

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