My Favourite Romance Animes

Hey again, in my recent introduction I went on about my favourite Romance anime “ore monogatari”;be sure to check it out. So I decided to create my first official blog. Anyways without further to do, in no particular order, here is my list:

P.S These aren’t all my favourites, I have more but I was just thinking how much reading time it might be and cuz cba to list all of it. EnjoyūüėĀ¬†


Wotakoi: Love is hard for Otaku



This anime revolves around the daily life of otaku’s blending in with normal people as well as a normal environment keeping their secret lives kinda separate, the main protagonist named Natsuki Narumi is a newly employee in which she realises that her childhood friend Hirotaka Nifuji works there as well spoiling her secrecy of her otaku life, *SPOILERS*¬†this leads to Nifuji and Narumi dating and from then on they continue the quests of an otaku couple along with their friends Kabakura and Sakuragi as well as other additional characters later introduced in the anime.

11 episodes Р1 season (ongoing)            Comedy      6/10 rating


What I Like About It

It has a slice of life feeling to it like it’s an anime to just make you absolutely relaxed an purely enjoy the time of your youth¬† if that makes sense, I just like it for how laid back it is as well as provide a official P.O.V (kinda) of an Otaku’s life after education since I haven’t seen an anime like it before.



AnimeX_878725 (1)


This anime revolves around the youth if Hikigaya who is an outcast to society as he lacks, social interactions, friends, personal hobbies and despises people who enjoy youth. This changes for him as he is assigned to the Service Club with the Ice Queen Yukino who appears to be the  same as Hikigaya , they are soon joined with the presence of Yuigahama and thus their youths are intertwined solving all sorts of problems brought in by the students as their duty as the service club.

26 episodes Р2 seasons        Slice of life, drama, School         20/10 rating

What I like About It 

Out of all the romance animes I’ve watched, this one was really unique as the anime heavily reflect the struggles of students such as topics tackling social expectations to putting up a face that isn’t you. Examples of this¬†*SPOILERS*¬†Hayama puts up a facade that displays him as this popular, understanding nice person categorised as “the leader” of the class if that makes sense to fans who watch school animes.

If anything, this anime is more of a drama that really ‘helped’ me take a look at where my life was and where it was headed(sorry if this sentence was cringy to readūüėÖ)






Anime is a harem revolving around Raku Ichigo who is the son of a gang/ illegal group meets Chitoge Kirisaki whilst he’d late for class, causing him to lose his pendant, Raku has always held on to this locked pendant around his neck for the last 10 years as he promised a girl that once she unlocks the pendant with their key they would get married. As Chitoge’s father is a rival against Raku’s dad, they both agree to false date to avoid a war between them. the continuation contains love quarrels and sweet scenes of Raku with different heroines .

32 episodes of 2 seasons         Harem, Comedy, Shoujo                10/10 rating


What I like About It

This anime really made my heart melt with the pure love put in the anime like it was really hard to choose who the best girl would be for Raku since they were all so close but I thin I loved Marika for Raku most. I recommend this for the pure feels/ heart warming moments alone. But, its only natural that I love the story line as well don’t get me wrong I mean making a promise as kids to get married in the future once they reunite whilst the main character forgets on who it was he made the promise with which pardon my language… sounds fucking amazing.

If you ever plan on watching this then you’ll have to either be satisfied with the unfinished ending or read the rest in the manga which is possible to read for free online of you download comic x if you have android, if it’s Iphone then I don’t know how you’ll access it.

Nagi no Asukara

A lull in the sea


In this world there exist people who live in the land and people who lave in the sea that worship OJoshi who is the sea god that blessed sea people with ena which is basically a layer of skin that allow them to inhabit the land as well as allow them to live underwater, at one point the sea people prophet that a great storm is coming that will shake both the sea world and land apart, in the short time these group of friends study in the land they experience or come into realisation with love both being positive and negative but grow the character.

Due this taboo of banning relationships between the land and sea people this causes conflict between them as the punishment for this is banning that sea person from ever setting foot in the sea world again if they refuse to breakup with the land person.

1 Season, 26 episodes                             Drama, Fantasy                        8/10 rating 


What I Like About it

Nagi no Asukara was slow paced to me at first like it just looked liked standard anime with the typical love quarrels and the only reason I invested into watching it was because a YouTuber called lost pause (funny anime YouTuber) highly recommended it in one of his videos saying how underrated it was. But as the anime progressed further I instantly took back everything I had against it as its  not just a standard love quarrel as you really feel for each characters to such a high level of relating to them.

I can’t really express my love for this anime in words but I definitely feel soo much love for this anime and its kinda embarrassing how I cried for these kids at my age, leave me alone, I’m an emotional guy. like lost pause did¬† I highly recommend this anime as well.


That’s it for this blog, do you agree with everything I said (my ratings) and thanks for reading. Leave a like or just view my blog to really support me or even follow me if you like my content so far, any of those three will be a massive help to me and maybe even leave a comment on what you think about my blog and what i should base my next blog on. Bye ūüėč



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