Dark Anime Review: Another

This is the second part of this series I created so if you haven’t go check out my first one which was on Magical Girl Site, for this part I’ll be focusing on Another which is probably my all time favourite horror anime. without further pluggins here’s my review:



A transfer student named Sakakibara is sent to hospital on the ceremony day for new students in which a group of students inspect him upon his awakening with an unclear intent as to why. From then on Sakakibara slowly unravels the ‘curse’ of his school and class specifically which is the “closest to death” once he meets Misaki Mei.

The anime follows with a range of mysteries and deaths whilst both Sakakibara, Misaki and his friends pursue a way out of the curse as well as a cure for it.


The characters that the anime focused on were entertaining with a good pace in development as well as getting to watch each of them draw more intimate with each other but, I felt as though it didn’t give enough attention to other classmates as when it came to the death scenes I sometimes wondered “who was that again?” as sure the graphics and process of the deaths were A+ but wish I could at east get to know the character before they die as it builds up more to a devastating result since I’d have that knowledge of who that person was as well as what they left behind.

Besides that I loved seeing Misaki in certain situations where I was unsure if she would break character/ break out of her kuudere state  (emotionless – like state) like that time they were at a beach looking for ingredients in which she caught a squid wrapping on her hand showing such a cute/ scared reaction which I didn’t expect at the time.

With these few moments as well as the events I watched as Misaki slowly grew up from being an outcast that didn’t care much for her class giving off an emotionless aura to socialising with other characters, giving signs of emotions whether it be fear, happiness, comedy or anger and standing up for her classmates either by taking matters into her own hands by solving the problem on her own (when she’s just about to stop the curse) or apologising to the class just to make things better showing how she actually cares for her classmates. *SPOILERS* like when Misaki tells Sakakibara to turn back as she kills his sister showing a consideration of his feelings.

As for Sakakibara, I couldn’t go much for him at the beginning as he didn’t have any particular traits worth noting down until I came to the realisation that his average and realistic approach to the series of events that occur are… praiseworthy as compared to other main characters in a real life horror who do dumb shit, Sakakibara looks great.

Besides the comparison, his development as well as revealings his past build him up as a character and it started connecting dots in the plot like who the extra person was that restarted the curse ( Reiko Mikami ) who was his nephew

Other characters I liked include Naoya Teshigawara paired with Tomohiko Kazami who are these two best friends with Naoya being the funny hyperactive guy and Tomohiko being the nerd (kinda reminds me of Kaneki ken’s relationship with Hide which is mostly why I like them), another character who I didn’t get the chance to see more of was umbrella girl (Yukari Sakuragi) who I thought was a charming innocent student that would have had a bigger part if she didn’t die as I felt instantly connected to her characteristics but I think that’s why she as killed off early to set the tone for the anime as… it honestly hit me hard the way she died.


Key events 

I think the most important event that occurred was when Sakakibara, Mei, Izumi and others used their own time to investigate on the origins of the curse like when they found the mixtape hidden in an abandoned classroom that contained the events that happened just before it built up to the resolution of the curse in the past.

other events that didn’t seem as important in moving forward to the plot but nevertheless interesting was when Sakakibara stalked Mei back to the doll store as I have a weird liking to weird stores in isolated areas and surprisingly enough, I now love dolls because of it and actually wanna buy one even though it’s near Christmas and way past Halloween. I also enjoyed the reveal of the eye patch on Misaki as I wondered if she as a survivor to the curse but lost her eye or that it was sliced and blinded but… turns out their just two different colours but the covered one is basically a death sensor which is pretty cool to have in the anime as it’s not to childish/OP and doesn’t give much of a plot armour for her unlike other animes *cough* *cough* Kirito and Natsu — I do wanna mention others but I don’t wanna bore you too much so let’s wrap this up with my overall conclusion.

The anime broken down into characters is a 7/10 just because it killed off some of my favourites a bit early that could have at least had more screen time, regarding the plot/synopsis I’d give it a 10/10 as it seemed original to me not being to ambiguous or to plain sounding and because it didn’t seem too supernatural like having the anime showcase a bunch of monsters to stir up the violence and was executed nicely. Regarding the graphic and creativeness of the  deaths themselves I would give it a 9.5/10 as the death I found to be just lazy writing was the guy who swam into the ocean to retrieve the beach ball only to be minced by the boat propeller coming by out of nowhere. All the others were great though; especially  the Umbrella one .

Thanks for reading and maybe… just maybe comment below your opinions of what you think about the anime as well as maybe contradict what I said since I kinda based most of these from my memory and as always, I look forward to you support in my next and previous blogs. Bye👋


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