Love Goes, Hate Arrives: Accel World

Hi! I kinda based this title from the tagline of Fouseytube’s concert just cuz it popped up, for this series I created I’ll be covering animes that I thought had a lot of potential but failed to use it or just rant of how bad the anime is.

Now despite being a copycat of Sword Arts Online, I had high hopes for it because in the early stages of the anime the characters had a good buildup as well as satisfying events that still correlated with the main plot of the anime.

Another thing it had going was a somewhat new approach to the a romance category as in my experience, I haven’t heard of an anime that had such a … self- demeaning main character as his appearance can clearly be compared to a pig being liked  by such LOVELY characters that are both beauties with the best characteristics that shout out “popularity”.


I didn’t mind the appearance of the main character until he started to show this other side, what I mean by that is his cowardice. Now I know that a lot of main characters have this trait  but the difference is they could overcome that or have a limit to it. For this main character (Haru), He just can’t help but be pathetic as in moments he’s most needed he just fails to pull through as he’s an extreme and exaggerated cry baby who constantly loses faith in himself once an enemy slightly overcomes his power that he’s build up from a wide time span of the anime.

After discovering this extreme cowardice side of Haru I started seeing negative points of the anime that weren’t there before like me coming to the realisation that I hated the appearance of Haru as I couldn’t come to terms with how such beautiful girls could fall for a pig that has absolutely no dignity or anything  and  has the typical main character trait which is how dumb they can be to love.

Whilst enduring the failed character development of Haru the anime decided to push it’s luck by introducing such a wasted arc that again could have had so much potential as the villain for this arc was well designed and gave a “pure evil” aura through his actions and had a reasonable and understandable past that lead him to be the way he is now.

I actually really liked this villain a lot as he did his role really well and to be honest… Haru did absolutely nothing that really helped to find a solution for this arc as it was the other way round where instead of him saving his childhood friend as well as the main heroine, its the other way around as Chiyuri ends up saving him and have Kuro arriving to battle the stronger villain again saving Haru’s ass.


Whilst this occurs he again is useless as he watches both his friends being assaulted by Noumi to the point his best friend has both his arms cut off and Chiyuri still cooping with the pain inflicted on her as she begs Noumi to stop hurting him… and then you have Haru cowering as he usually does to the point of crying like usual which just goes to show how useless his training was as he’s just as weak both mentally and emotionally.

overall,I really did like the side events in this anime as there were so much good characters that were just ruined by Haru, it felt as if he was in the wrong anime  because of the creators had just changed Haru characteristics putting a limit to his cowardice then it would have worked out for me. I didn’t mention enough about the anime but that’s because I just hate it  and needed to finish this as soon as possible for my sake.


Thanks for reading an for those who have watched the anime, do you agree with me? I’m not trying to enforce my views onto anyone so I won’t judge if you like the anime as everyone has different views but it wold be nice to leave a comment or two whether you agree of what I said or are against it. Bye😊



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